Romanko, Vasily Kirillovich

Born on December 28

Born in 1936

Born in Gorodenka

Those who died on September 27

Those who died in 2012

The dead in Moscow

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Mathematicians of Russia

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Winners of the Russian Government Award

Honorary Employees of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation

Graduates of Chernivtsi University

Distinguished Professors of MIPT

Born on April 28

Born in Ashgabat

Those who died on July 28

Deceased in 2002

The dead in Kiev

Graduates of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute

Laureates of the State Prize of the USSR

Laureates of the State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR in the field of science and technology

Honored Workers of Science and Technology of the Ukrainian SSR

Corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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