Klembrovskaya, Tamara Anatolyevna

Born on December 3

Born in 1908

Personals by alphabet

Born in Odessa

Those who died on November 13

Deceased in 1998

The dead in Moscow

Honored Coaches of the RSFSR

Athletes in alphabetical order

Coaches of the USSR

Buried at the Ostankino cemetery

Born on December 25

Born in Vladimir

Those who died on February 24

Deceased in 1986

The dead in Yekaterinburg

Musicians by alphabet

Composers by alphabet

Composers of the USSR

Teachers by alphabet

Music teachers of the USSR

Knights of the Order of the Patriotic War, II class

Knights of the Order of the Red Star

Graduates of the Ural Conservatory

Teachers of the Ural Conservatory

Buried at the Siberian Cemetery (Yekaterinburg)

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