Armored trains

Virny sin (armored train)

Armored train "Virny sin" - armored train of the armed forces of the UPR.


The Bogunets armored train is a light armored train of the UNR armed forces.

Communist fighter (armored train)

"The Exterminator of Communists" (Latvian. "Komunistu iznīcinātājs") or Armored Train No. 2 (Latvian:" BruņOtais vilciens Nr2") is an armored train of the 1st Valmiera Regiment, formed in June 1919 i…

Armored train "Communist"

"Kommunist" — "Free Ukraine" (Vilna Ukraine) - "Groza" - light armored train of the Red Army-Army of the UPR-VSYUR-again the Red Army. One of the armored trains of the Russian Civil War, which consis…

Veliky Lug (armored train)

The Great Meadow armored train is a light armored train of the UNR armed forces. It is known that he took part in the battle at the station of Khristianovka in August 1919.

Krajina Express

Krajina Express (Serbian Krajina express) — the unofficial name of the armored train of the Serbian Krajina Army, which took part in the fighting in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1991-1995 wa…

Vardan Zoravar (armored train)

"Vardan Zoravar" - an armored train captured by Armenia during the war with Georgia, which occurred in 1918, Took an active part in the May Uprising of 1920, during which he was under the command of …

O (steam locomotive)

O ("Main") — the first steam locomotive that became the main one in the locomotive fleet of Russian railways In the period from 1890 to 1915, more than 9 thousand locomotives of this series were manu…

Armored trains of the "Hunkhuz" type "

The "Hunkhuz" type of armored train (BP, bepo) is one of the most famous types of armored trains of the Russian Imperial Army of the First World War, four armored trains of the 2nd Zaamurskaya Railwa…

Armored trains of the Italian Army

The Royal Italian Army used armored trains and railway artillery during the First and Second World Wars.

Armored train (formation)

Armored train (BP) - formation (in the Civil War in the Red Army, a military unit, later in the 1930s-1980s, a division of an armored train division or a separate armored train-a military unit) the a…

Urban (armored train)

"Urban" (Slovak. The Hurban was an armored train used by Slovak rebels during the national uprising against the fascist regime during World War II.

Armored train

An armored train (abbreviated as an armored train, bepo, BP) is a railway combat vehicle, an armored (armored) railway train (train) for conducting combat operations in the railway lane, in the armed…