Leninskoe (Nizhny Novgorod region)

Leninskoye is a village in the Arzamas District of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. It is a part of the Bebyaevsky village Council.

List of losses of the Mi-8 and its modifications (1998)

List of lost Mi-8s of all modifications (including Mi-9, -14, -17, -18, -19, -171 and -172) is compiled based on data from open sources and takes into account only aviation accidents or the impact of external forces that led to the loss of the helicopter or its write-off as a result of the damage received. The list is…

Crafts, Alden Springer

Alden Springer Crafts (June 25, 1897, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA — February 9, 1990, Berkeley, USA) was an American botanist.

The Scarlet Pimpernel (film, 1934)

"The Scarlet Primrose" (eng. The Scarlet Pimpernel is the most famous film adaptation of the adventure novel of the same name. It was staged in 1934 at the English studio of Alexander Korda, directed by Harold Young. Starring Leslie Howard (Percy Blakeney), Merle Oberon (Lady Blakeney) and Raymond Massey (Citizen Chau…

Andrewsianthus ferrugineus

Andrewsianthus ferrugineus is a species of liver moss in the family Schistochilaceae.

La Villa de Don Fadrique

La Villa de Don Fadrique (Spanish: La Villa de Don Fadrique) is a city and municipality in Spain, part of the province of Toledo, part of the autonomous community of Castile — La Mancha. The municipality is part of the district (comarca) Mancha Alta de Toledo. It covers an area of 83 km2. The population is 4,170 (as o…

List of minor basilicas of Malta

The List of Minor Basilicas of Malta is a list of Catholic churches in the Republic of Malta that have been given the title of Minor Basilica by the Vatican. This honorary title is given by the Pope to commemorate the antiquity of the temple, its historical importance, or its significance as a pilgrimage center. As of…

Moschich, Pyotr Stepanovich

Pyotr Stepanovich Moshchich (April 27, 1928, Volosatoe — February 10, 2006, Kiev) - medical scientist and pediatrician Doctor of Medical Sciences (1967), Professor (1968) Academician of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine (1992) Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine (1984) Honored Worker of Science and Technol…

Solovyanchik, Alexander Romanovich

Alexander Romanovich Solovyanchik (02.10.1938-26.02.2019) - Russian scientist in the field of transport construction, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Transport, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation (1995). He was born on October 2, 1938 in th…

Pas Soldan, Jose

Jose Paz Soldan:

Ruckert, Fyodor Ivanovich

Fyodor Ivanovich Ruckert (Friedrich Ruckert; German. Friedrich Rückert (1851-1918) was a German-born Russian jeweller, master enameller, who worked with the Faberge company.

Tunnel (platform)

Tunnel-passenger stopping railway platform of the Dnieper Directorate of the Dnieper Railway. It was opened in 1964. It is located in the city of Dnipro on the line Nizhnedneprovsk-Uzel-Apostolovo between the stations Dnipro-Lotsmanskaya and Oncoming, in the Tunnel beam. . The platform is located on a high embankment,…

Filimonov, Viktor Sergeevich

Viktor Sergeyevich Filimonov (November 5, 1941-April 18, 2013) - Doctor of Economics, Professor, in 2000-2002 Rector of the TSHA.

Amaral, Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa Amaral (port. Ana Luísa Amaral( born 1956 in Lisbon) is a Portuguese poet, translator and educator, author of books for children.

Khmelevka (Nelidovsky district)

Khmelevka (Bolshaya Khmelevka )is a village in the Nelidovsky District of the Tver Region. It is part of the Vysokinsky rural settlement. It is located 35 kilometers north-east of the district center of Nelidovo, 3 km from the border of the Selizharovsky district. The population according to the 2002 census is 17 peop…

Kovrovo (Kaliningrad region)

Kovrovo (until 1946 — Nautzau). Nautzau is a settlement in Zelenogradsky District of the Kaliningrad Region. The administrative center of Kovrovskoye rural settlement. The population is 702 (2010) .

Vinh (Pyrenees-Atlantic)

Vignes is a commune in the Aquitaine region of France. Department — Pyrenees-Atlantiques. It is part of the canton of Arty-et-Pays-de-Subestre. The arrondissement of the commune is Po.

The Mysterious Island (film, 2005)

Mysterious Island is a 2005 American adventure two-part television film based on the novel of the same name (1874) by Jules Verne.

Kirpicheva, Iraida Konstantinovna

Iraida Konstantinovna Kirpicheva (July 17, 1922, Borisnovo, Meshchovsky uyezd, Kaluga Province, RSFSR — October 1, 1994, Saint Petersburg, Russia) was a Soviet bibliographer, bibliographer, librarian, teacher, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (1974), Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR (1975).

Aliev, Ahmed Borisovich

Akhmed Borisovich Aliyev (January 7, 1966, Makhachkala, Dagestan ASSR, RSFSR, USSR) is a Soviet and Russian athlete, specializing in karate kumite, winner of the championships of the RSFSR and the USSR.

Inashvili, Avraam Ilyich

Avraam Ilyich Inashvili (1901, Russian Empire-1960) - link farm "Shroma" Lagodekhi district of the Georgian SSR, Hero of Socialist Labor.

Valiev, Anatoly Vasilyevich

Anatoly Vasilyevich Valiev (Ukrainian: Anatoly Vasilyovich Valiev; b. February 2, 1957, Kiev) - Ukrainian sculptor, Honored Artist of Ukraine (2009), member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1989).

Shevelin, Yuri Ivanovich

Yuri Ivanovich Shevelin-Soviet economic, state and political figure.

Makhnev, Gennady Dmitrievich

Gennady Dmitrievich Makhnev (21 July 1951, Kamyshin) is a Soviet rower and kayaker who competed for the USSR national team in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Three-time national champion, participant of the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. At the competition, he represented the sports society "Burevestnik", a master of…

De Loach, Benjamin Patterson

Benjamin Patterson DeLoache (September 11, 1905 (1905-09-11), Camden, South Carolina — March 15, 1994, New Haven) was an American singer (baritone) and music educator. He studied at the Curtis Institute of Music Made his stage debut in 1928, often performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski-in pa…

Akademicheskaya Street (Novosibirsk)

Akademicheskaya Street — a street of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. It runs from the street of Scientists (as a continuation of Voevodsky Street) to Tereshkova Street.

Azerbaijan State Museum of the History of Religion

The Azerbaijan State Museum of the History of Religion is a museum in Baku (Azerbaijan), whose exhibits represent the history of the origin and development of religion. The museum is subordinate to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Novo-Brdo (community)

Novo Brdo (Serbian. Novo Brdo (also known as Komuna e Novobërdës) is a municipality in Kosovo, part of the Pristina District. The administrative center of the community is the village of Bostane. The community of Novo Brdo is actually a Serbian enclave in Kosovo.

Khutarev, Demid Mitrofanovich

Demid Mitrofanovich Khutarev (1816-1897)-merchant of the 1st guild, manufacturer , industrialist , founder of the Merchant Khutarev Trading House .

Zangar (ancient settlement)

Zangar (kaz. Zangar) is an ancient settlement located on the territory of the Kazalinsky district of the Kyzylorda region of Kazakhstan. Some sources use the name Zingit. The settlement dates from the XV—XVII centuries. There is evidence that 3angar was a fortress, the height of the walls of which reached 5 m. No arch…

Skochilas, Igor Yaroslavovich

Igor Yaroslavovich Skochylas (April 5, 1967, Tsygany, Ternopil region — December 20, 2020, Lviv or Lychakiv cemetery) — Ukrainian historian, local historian; Candidate (1999) and Doctor of Historical Sciences (2011), Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the Ukrainian Catholic University (2010-2020).

Cancela, Miguel Angel

Miguel Angel Cancela García( born 21 May 1993 in Xalapa Enriquez) is a Mexican footballer who plays as a defender. Now he plays for the Mexican club "Albinegros de Orizaba".

De Hene, Ryud

Rydolf Cornelius (Ryd) de Hene (Netherlands) Rudolph Cornelius "Ruud" de Chêne (30 November 1938 - 20 February 2015) was a Dutch footballer who played as a right winger for Tilburg club NOAD.

Kayumov, Lakim Kayumovich

Lakim Kayumovich Kayumov (1933, Rumon village, Khodzhent district, Tajik SSR, USSR-1998) was a Soviet Tajik party and state figure, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Tajik SSR (1989-1992).

Rowing at the 1988 Summer Olympics

The rowing competition at the 1988 Summer Olympics was held from 19 to 25 September. 14 sets of medals were awarded at the tournament: 8 for men and 6 for women. A total of 592 athletes from 38 countries took part in the competition. These were the last Games when the women's fours competition was held with the coxswa…

Jinxed! (film, 1982)

Jinxed! is a 1982 American comedy film directed by Don Siegel , the last film of his career.

Koper (football club)

Koper is a Slovenian football club from the city of the same name. It was founded in 1955. It is one of the three clubs that have won the Slovenian championship (in addition to Maribor and Olimpia). The team's home stadium is Bonifica.

List of characters in The Diary of the Future "

Diary of the Future (я日日 Mirai Nikki) is a manga by Sakae Esuno that was published from 2006 to 2010, as well as other projects based on it. The original story centers on the owners of twelve diaries who predict the future in various ways and who face off in a survival game in which the prize is the place of almighty …

Alakit (values)

Alakit-toponyms in Yakutia.

Muslimov, Ramazan Romanovich

Ramazan Romanovich Muslimov (born April 18, 1995 in Kharkiv, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian boxer. Champion of Ukraine.

Fersen, Louise von

Lovisa Sofia (Luisa Sofia) von Fersen (Swedish. Lovisa Sofia" Louise Sophie " von Fersen (born Piper; 1777-1849) was a Swedish countess and lady-in-waiting.

Budai Deleanu, Ion

Ioan Budai-Deleanu (January 6, 1760 (1760-01-06), Oreşti , Hunedoara, Principality of Transylvania — August 24, 1820, Lviv, Austrian Empire) was a Romanian Greek Catholic novelist, poet, philologist, linguist, ethnographer, historian and jurist. Doctor of Philosophy. Active participant of the "Transylvanian School". O…

Hancock County, Maine)

Hancock County is a county in the U.S. state of Maine. As of the 2010 census, the population was 54,418. The county seat is the town of Ellsworth. The district was created on June 25, 1789. Named after John Hancock, the first governor of Massachusetts.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM, also SERM, Search Engine Reputation Management) is the practice of developing strategies that shape and influence the public perception of an organization, individuals, or others on the Internet. This helps to form a positive public opinion about the business, its products and servic…

Jeanne of France (values)

Jeanne of France (French: Jeanne de France):

Portuguese in Guinea-Bissau

Portuguese in Guinea-Bissau (port. Português Guineense) is the official language of the country, and Portuguese is spoken (as of 2006) by about 167 thousand people, which is about 10 % of the population. Guinean Creole is widely spoken in the country, which serves as a lingua franca and a means of national identity, b…

Zuyevo (Chudovsky district)

Zuyevo is a village in the Monstrovsky Municipal District of the Novgorod Region, belongs to the Uspensky rural settlement.

Kafirefs (Strait)

Kafirefs (Greek: καφηρέας) is a strait between the islands of Euboea and Andros in Greece. The name Kafirefs has ancient Greek roots. The strait belongs to the Aegean Sea basin. At its narrowest point, the strait is 11 kilometers wide and about 30 kilometers long. The Strait is characterized by a strong current direct…

Khesin, Alexander Savelyevich

Alexander S. Chessin; November 28, 1865, Saint Petersburg —? ) is a Russian-born American mathematician and mechanic, professor of pure and applied mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis.

Molbo (river)

Molbo (in the upper Molvo) is a river in the Irkutsk Region and Yakutia, a left tributary of the Chara. The length of the river is 334 km, the basin area is 6040 km2. It originates and flows along the north-eastern edge of the Patom Upland. Food is mainly snow-fed. The flood lasts from May to September. Freezes in Oct…

Hungarian Order of Saint Stephen

The Hungarian Order of St. Stephen is the highest state award in Hungary since 2011.

Eizikowitz, Mihai Miksha

Mihai Miksa Eizikovits (Weng. Eisikovits Mihály Miksa, actually Max Eisikovits, German. Max Eisikovits (October 8, 1908 (1908-10-08), Balajfalva — January 13, 1983, Cluj-Napoca) was a Transylvanian composer, musicologist and music educator of Jewish origin. After graduating from the music school in Kolosvar (Cluj), in…

158th meridian

The 158th meridian is an imaginary line on the Earth's surface:

Oseşti (village, Vaslui)

Oșești is a village located in the Judec Vaslui region of Romania. It is part of the municipality of Oschesti.

Van der Heide, Ger

Ger van der Heide (Netherlands) Ger van der Heide (born 30 October 1959 in Rotterdam), also known as Gerrie van der Heide (Dutch: Gerrie van der Heide), is a Dutch footballer who played as a midfielder and defender for Sparta and SVV.

Malyshovka (Odessa region)

Malyshovka (Ukrainian: Malishivka) is a former village in the Berezovsky district of the Odessa region of Ukraine. The village was subordinated to the Gulyaev Village Council.

Asara (Iran)

Asara (Persian :سسارا)is a small town in northern Iran, in the Alborz province. It is part of the Shahrestan of Karaj. The administrative center of the eponymous Bakhsh.

De Serre, Louis

Francis Marie Louis Arnal de Serres (8 October 1864 (1864-10-08), Lyon — 25 December 1942, Nerond) was a French composer, organist and music educator.

Moldavskaya, Ksenia Alexandrovna

Ksenia Alexandrovna Moldavskaya (b. August 2, 1967, Moscow) — Russian critic of children's literature, journalist, editor, teacher. Winner of the "Scarlet Sails" Award (2003) in the category "Literary Criticism and Criticism".

Kolesnikov, Nikolai Illarionovich

Nikolai Illarionovich Kolesnikov (pseudonym-Perevalov, November 24, 1918, Bolshaya Shabanka, Vyatka Province — January 27, 1984, Novosibirsk) was a Soviet poet.

Stotsky, Anatoly Semyonovich

Anatoly Semyonovich Stotsky (1927-2000) - Soviet and Russian developer of automatic devices for nuclear weapons, Doctor of Technical Sciences (1977), Professor (1979). Winner of the USSR State Prize (1967).

Stemonite (order)

Stemonitales (Latin: Stemonitales) is an order of myxomycetes that is widespread in nature. Stemonitales is the name of this order according to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. In zoology and protistology, they are known as the order Stemonitida . Includes 1 family-stemonite.