Isakova, Evgenia Leonidovna

Evgenia Leonidovna Isakova (born 27 November 1978) is a Russian track and field athlete and European champion in the 400-meter hurdles. Master of Sports of international class. She played for the Dynamo Sports Society, and represented Moscow and St. Petersburg at competitions.

Poldi-Pezzoli, Gian Giacomo

Gian Giacomo Poldi-Pezzoli d'albertone (ital. Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli d'albertone (27 July 1822-6 April 1879) was a Milanese collector of Italian art. Founder of the Poldi-Pezzoli Museum in Milan.

Billy the Liar (film)

Billy Liar is a British comedy-drama film directed by John Schlesinger and written by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall, based on the novel of the same name by Waterhouse. The main roles in the film are played by Tom Courtney and Julie Christie. The film is one of the key representatives of the British New wave . It ha…

Kally (river)

Kalli (Agali, Paltra, Poltra, Apna, Apnasaare, Akali; est. The Kalli jõgi (Peravalla jõgi) is a river in the south-east of the Estonian mainland, flowing through the territory of Kastre Parish in Tartumaa County. The right tributary of the lower course of the Emayyga . The length of the river is 21.8 km (according to …

153rd meridian

The 153rd meridian is an imaginary line on the Earth's surface:

Pinkava, Ivan (photographer)

Ivan Pinkava (born 1961 in Nakhodka, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech photographer. He graduated from the Faculty of Film and Television of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in Art Photography. He worked as an independent photographer, and since 2005 has been the head of the art Photography workshop at the Pragu…

Polish Orthopaedic and Traumatological Society

Polish Orthopaedic and Traumatological Society (polsk. Polskie Towarzystwo Ortopedyczne i Traumatologiczne) is a Polish scientific society founded in 1928. According to the Charter, the purpose of the Society is to unite doctors interested in orthopedics, traumatology and the improvement of the musculoskeletal system;…

Le Jeune, Paul

Paul Le Jeune (July 1591, Vitry-le-Francois — August 7, 1664, Paris) was a 17th-century French Jesuit and missionary who was the first to describe Canada in the Jesuit Relations. Le Jeune was born into a Huguenot family in Vitry-le-Francois in 1591, and converted to Catholicism at the age of sixteen. During his studie…

Ymer, Edouard-Auguste

Édouard-Auguste Imer (25 October 1820-13 June 1881) was a French landscape painter.

Floodplain of the Maly Utlyuk river

The floodplain of the Maly Utlyuk River is a landscape reserve of local significance on the territory of the Akimovsky district (Zaporozhye region, Ukraine).

Salukvadze, Anzor Sergeevich

Anzor Sergeyevich Salukvadze (Georgian: ა ააააა) (December 11, 1932, Tiflis, ZSFSR-September 19, 2001) was a Soviet and Georgian actor, film director, journalist and screenwriter.

Bortvin, Nikolai Nikolaevich

Nikolai Nikolaevich Bortvin (February 25, 1892, Berdyuzhskoye village, Ishim District, Tobolsk Province, Russian Empire — April 21, 1943, Sverdlovsk, RSFSR, USSR) was a Soviet archaeologist.

List of churches and chapels of the Kursk region

The list includes churches and chapels that existed and still exist in the Kursk region.

143rd meridian

The 143rd meridian is an imaginary line on the Earth's surface:

Khlebnikov Mansion (Kungur)

The Khlebnikov mansion in the city of Kungur on Karl Marx Street, 11. Russian Russian traveler, explorer of Kamchatka and North-Western (Russian) America The mansion is located in the center of Kungur, on the hillside The house is rectangular in plan The building is one-story on a high plinth, with a gentle four-pitch…

Rodin, Peter Rodionovich

Rodin Pyotr Rodionovich (June 17, 1922, Kryuki, Petushinsky district, Vladimir region — January 24, 2008, Kiev) was a Ukrainian metal scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of the Higher School of the Ukrainian SSR, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR.

Babalikashvili, Israel Aharonovich

Israel Aaranovitch of Babalikashvili (load. ისრაელ ბაბალიკაშვილი, December 20, 1899, Kutaisi — 9 July 1971, Tbilisi) is a Rabbi and public figure. Israel Babalikashvili was born into a poor Jewish family. As a child, he attended a cheder (primary Jewish school). Later, he continued his studies under the guidance of Ra…

Gavronsky, Boris Moiseevich

Boris Moiseevich Gavronsky (December 14, 1934, Tartu, Estonia — February 25, 1999) was an Honored agricultural worker of the Estonian SSR.

Dneprovsky, Alexander Sergeevich

Alexander Sergeevich Dneprovsky-Soviet and Russian architect, historian, local historian.

Anopyan, Onoprios Yakovlevich

Onoprios Yakovlevich Anopyan (1873, Nakhichevan-on-Don — 1934, Simferopol) was an Armenian poet and translator.

Fadeenko, Anastasia Yuryevna

Anastasia Yuryevna Fadeenko (born 12 April 1987 in Polotsk) is a Belarusian rower who has competed for the Belarus national rowing team since 2006. Silver medalist of the European Championship, winner of youth and national regattas. At the competition, he represents the Vitebsk region, a master of sports of internatio…

Kotyukov, Ivan Ivanovich

Ivan Ivanovich Kotyukov (November 7 (19), 1889, Tula — April 28, 1937, Novosibirsk) was a chemist, specialist in physical chemistry, professor at the Department of Physical Chemistry of Tomsk State University; he taught courses on the theory of organic chemistry, optical properties of organic substances, chemical ther…

Kraibich, Franz (violinist)

Franz Kreibich (German: Franz Kreibich, in some sources Greibich, German. Greibich (2 June 1728 (1728-06-02), Zwickau, now Zwickau, Czech Republic — 3 December 1797, Vienna) was an Austrian violinist of Czech descent. Son of Franz Anton Kraibich (1706? -1779), court trumpeter. He received a musical education in his na…

FIFA America's Cup 2015 (squads)

This article lists the national soccer squads for the 2015 Copa America in Chile, held between June 11 and July 4, 2015. The final national team bids were to include 23 players, 3 of whom were goalkeepers, and the bid was to be submitted by 1 June 2015. Information about the clubs and the age of the players are indica…

Spectrum (literary association)

Spectrum is a large literary association of poets, established in 1963 and existed until 1971. In 1971, under pressure from the party authorities, Spektr was closed. At the time of closing, the Spectrum had about 250 members. "Spectrum" united not only writers, but also artists and musicians. The head and organizer of…

Pinheiro (Kashtru-Dairi)

Pinheiro (port. Pinheiro) is a district (Freguesia) in Portugal, part of the Viseu district. It is a part of the municipality of Kashtru-Dairi. It is located in the large urban agglomeration of Bolshoe Viseu. According to the old administrative division, it was part of the province of Beira Alta. It is part of the eco…

Hasta-Bash (spring)

Hasta-Bash (also Hastabash; Ukr. Hasta-Bash, krymskotat. Hasta Baş, Hasta Bash) — a spring in the Crimea, on the territory of greater Yalta, the source of the Hasta-Bash river, one of the most powerful sources of the Crimea , is located at an altitude of 500 m , the average annual debit of the source, according to V. …

Datong-Hui-Tu Autonomous County

Datong Hui Tu Autonomous County (Chinese: 大通通通县 大, pinyin DàtōNg Huízú TǔZú zìzhìxiàn) is an autonomous county of Xining City District, Qinghai Province, China.

The road with the cypress and the star

"The road with the cypress and the star" is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, also known as" A country road in Provence at night", painted in May 1890 . The last work of the artist, completed by him in Saint-Remy-de-Provence . It is currently preserved in the Kreller-Muller Museum, located in the De Hoge-Veluwe National…

Union of Russian Artists (1903-1923)

The Union of Russian Artists is a creative association of Russian artists of the beginning of the XX century. It was founded in 1903 on the initiative of Konstantin Yuon, Abram Arkhipov, Igor Grabar, Arkady Rylov. Moscow artists of the peredvizhnichesky direction, students of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture a…

Tuzlukushevo (values)

Tuzlukushevo (bask. TuлLykyuysh) - in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Ust-Sysolsky City Public Bank

Ust-Sysol City Public Bank is a Russian commercial bank. The first bank established in Ust-Sysolsk (now Syktyvkar) and the only bank that existed in the Komi Territory in 1865-1918.

Lucium (oil and gas condensate field)

Lucius is an oil and gas condensate field in the United States. It is located in the Gulf of Mexico, about 480 km from the coast of Louisiana. Opened in December 2009. The sea depth is around 2165 meters. Oil and gas content is associated with deposits of Pliocene and Miocene age. The total productive thickness is 245…

Bricmaux, Francois de Beauvais

François de Beauvais, seigneur de Briquemault (1502 (1502 — - 29 October 1572, Paris) was a prominent Protestant general and councillor of the Parliament of Toulouse.

Smederevska Palanka (community)

Smederevska Palanka (Serbian. Smederevska Palanka is a municipality in Serbia, part of the Podunai District. The municipality has a population of 53,778 (2007) and a population density of 128 persons/km2 . The occupied area is 421 km2 , of which 87.7 % is used for industrial purposes. The administrative center of the …

Ottoman-Mamluk War (1485-1491)

The Ottoman-Mamluk War of 1485-1491 was the first war between the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluk Sultanate.

List of reptiles of North Africa

The list of reptiles of North Africa includes the species of the class of Reptiles common in North Africa.

Agarkov, Alexey Mikhailovich

Alexey Mikhailovich Agarkov (April 6, 1983, Volgograd) is a Russian water polo player, master of sports, mobile forward, captain of the Spartak — Volgograd team. In the team of masters of "Lukoil-Spartak" since 2001. Winner of the LEN Euro Cup 2014 in the team "Spartak-Volgograd". Ten-time champion of Russia (2003, 20…

Kegart (values)

Kegart is a Kyrgyz toponym. Can mean:

Korobeynikov, Nikolai Nikolaevich

Nikolay Nikolaevich Korobeynikov (born November 7, 1960, Taiga) is a Russian artist, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2013). Graduated from: Kemerovo Art School (1981-1988) design department. Teachers: Aksenova L. G., Lazarev V. V. Member of the SHR, member of the Fine Art Studio "NEW YORK REALISM", member of…

102nd meridian

The 102nd meridian is an imaginary line on the Earth's surface:

Ladder (computer game)

Ladder is an arcade computer game written in assembly language for the CP/M platform in 1983. The game was created for 8-bit black-and-white computers with pseudo graphics. The main task was to dodge the stones and collect treasures by climbing the stairs higher and higher. Traps in the form of holes in the floor made…

Cartelleri, Antonio Casimir

Antonio Casimir Cartelleri (ital. Antonio Casimir Cartellieri (27 September 1772 (1772-09-27), Danzig — 2 September 1807, Libshausen, now Libscheves, Loney County, Czech Republic) was a German composer. The son of opera singers-Italian Antonio Maria Gaetano Cartelleri and German born in Riga Elizabeth Boehm Received t…

Ten Herkel, Anton

Antonius Joseph "Antoon" ten Herkel (15 May 1893, Amsterdam — 14 June 1975, Bergen), also known as Manus ten Herkel (Dutch: Manus ten Herkel), was a Dutch footballer who played as a defensive midfielder for Ajax and HFC .

Borisov (station)

Borisov (belor. Barysay is a railway station in the city of Borisov in the Minsk Region of the Republic of Belarus, on the Minsk — Orsha line. It is located 79.3 km from Minsk and 132.7 km from Orsha.

Shaimerdenov, Yerbol Shaimerdenovich

Erbol Shaimerdenovich Shaimerdenov (kaz Erbol Shaimerdenuly Shaimerdenov, lat. Erbol Şaimerdenūly Şaimerdenov, May 12, 1954, Zhanazhol, North Kazakhstan region — December 13, 2012, Astana) - Kazakh poet, writer-publicist, researcher-heraldist Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winner of the M Dulatov Prize …

Sharov, Alexander Viktorovich

Alexander Viktorovich Sharov (born December 11, 1964, Moscow, USSR) is a Russian gallery owner and businessman. Founder and owner of the Contemporary Art Gallery 11.12 GALLERY (Moscow, Vinzavod Contemporary Art Center).

Caprio (values)

Caprio is a proper name. It exists in the form of a toponym and a surname.

Ostretsov, Anatoly Alexandrovich

Anatoly Alexandrovich Ostretsov (1931, Kuibyshev — 2015, Samara) was a Russian artist, a member of the Samara branch of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Denis (coat of arms)

Denis — (Polish. Denis) is an old Polish coat of arms, belonging to several noble gentry families. Representatives of these surnames still live in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine

All Is Violent, All Is Bright

All Is Violent, All Is Bright is the second studio album by Irish rock band God Is an Astronaut, released in 2005. Recorded at the Quill Lane stage in 2004. The video for the song "Fragile" got into the rotation of the MTV2 channel.

Biberbach (tributary of the Main)

Biberbach (German: Biberbach) is a river in Germany, flowing through Upper Franconia (Bavaria). Right tributary of the Main. The river index is 241522 . The length of the river is 13.34 km . The basin area is 28.19 km2 . The height of the source is 350 m . The height of the mouth is 265 m . Water body system: Main → R…

Goli (Slonim district)

Goli (belor. Goli) is a village in the Senkovshchinsky rural Council of the Slonimsky District of the Grodno Region of Belarus. It is located on the right bank of the Birch River, along the highway N-6351 (Slonim-Porechye-Niz-Yednachi-Senkovshchina). According to the long-livers of the village, the name came from the …

Vezirova, Farida Shamil gizi

Farida Shamil gizi Vezirova (Azerbaijani: Fəridə Vəzirova) is an Azerbaijani and Soviet literary critic, Candidate of Philological Sciences (1956), professor (1980).

Watford (Metro station)

Watford is a London Underground station on the London Underground. The station belongs to the 7 transport zone, is the final one. The station exits are at Cassiobury Park Avenue.

Remezov, Igor Vladimirovich

Igor Vladimirovich Remezov (1914-1991) - military engineer, colonel (1951), twice winner of the Stalin Prize (1951, 1953).

Closers, Kirill Alexandrovich

Kirill Alexandrovich Dovozchikov (1824 (1824)-1863) was a Russian poet . The son of a small Poshekhonsky landowner. He studied in St. Petersburg. He wrote poems that, according to him, received approval from V. G. Benediktov, N. M. Yazykov and A.V. Koltsov. He was sent to Yaroslavl under the supervision of the police…

Ardislamov, Rodion Anisovich

Rodion Anisovich Ardislamov (born March 15, 1996, Moscow, Russia) is a Russian professional basketball player who plays as a center.

Ashikhmin, Valery Nikolaevich

Valery Nikolayevich Ashikhmin (February 21, 1961, Kungur, Perm region) is a Russian scientist and programmer specializing in the field of deformable solid mechanics (MDTT), mesomechanics, and numerical methods of MDTT. Author of textbooks on mathematical modeling and programming.

Stonehenge (Queensland)

Stonehenge is a locality in the Barcoo region of Queensland, Australia. In 2016, Stonehenge had a population of 44 .