USSR Cup in Cross-country skiing 1977

The ninth USSR Cup was held in Bakuriani, Georgian SSR, from 7 to 10 February 1977. Competitions were held in four disciplines-15 and 50 km races (men), 5 and 10 km races (women).

Bernhard, Erwin Rudolfovich

Erwin Rudolfovich Bernhard (15 January 1852-25 April 1914, Reval) was a Russian architect.

Ankhimov, Nikolai Mikhailovich

Nikolai Mikhailovich Ankhimov-Soviet economic, state and political figure.

(5111) Jackliffe

(5111) Jackliff (Latin: Jacliff) is a typical main — belt asteroid that belongs to the rare spectral class R. It was discovered on September 19, 1987, by American astronomer Edward Bowell at the Anderson Mesa Observatory and named after the American pair of amateur astronomers Clifford and Jackie Holmes .

Moskowitz, Robert

Robert Moskowitz (1935, Brooklyn, New York) is an American artist who gained recognition in the 1960s through painting and drawing, which were somewhere at the intersection of abstract expressionism, minimalism and pop art. At the beginning of his creative career, he was influenced by Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenb…

Murysev, Alexander Alexandrovich

Alexander Alexandrovich Murysev (born October 3, 1984) is a Russian SAMBO wrestler, medalist of the Russian Championship, world champion among students, Master of Sports of Russia, head of the children's creative association of physical culture and sports orientation "Sambo" in the children's and youth center "TEMP" i…

Papua New Guinea General Election (2012)

General elections in Papua New Guinea were held from 23 June to 13 July 2012 ; they were extended by a week due to the difficult security situation, especially in the highland provinces . As a result, the leader of the People's National Congress party, Peter O'Neill, became the new Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

Gin, Anatoly Alexandrovich

Anatoly Alexandrovich Gin (born April 16, 1958, Kharkiv, Ukrainian SSR, USSR) is a TRIZ specialist, TRIZ master, and teacher. General Director of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Promoting Innovation "TRIZ-profi", Moscow. Vice-President of the International Public Association of Professional Teachers, Develo…

Jaimes Freire, Ricardo

Ricardo Jaimes Freyre (May 12, 1868 — April 24, 1933) was a Bolivian poet, diplomat, educator, and one of the founders of the new Latin American poetry. He was an ambassador to Brazil and the United States.

Kotsur, Andrey Olegovich

Andrey Olegovich Kotsur (September 11, 1982 (1982-09-11), Minsk, Byelorussian SSR, USSR) is a Belarusian Muay Thai and kickboxing fighter. Master of Sports of international class. He has been training with Evgeny Dobrotvorsky at the Kick Fighter Sports Complex since 1999. He graduated from the Republican School of the…

Trunin, Ivan Vadimovich

Ivan Vadimovich Trunin (December 12, 1971, Moscow — August 6, 1999, San Francisco) was a Russian poet and historian.

Avinov, Grigory Kirillovich

Grigory Kirillovich Avinov - Novgorod posadnik, the ancestor of the boyar family Avinov. In 1417, he acted against robbers in Veliky Ustyug. In 1433, he built a stone church in the name of John Chrysostom in Novgorod. In 1435, he commanded the Novgorod city hall in the Rzhev volost. In 1436, he made peace with the Gra…

Shestak, Yuri Sergeevich

Yuriy Sergeyevich Shestak (born April 26, 1993, Kharkiv) is a Ukrainian boxer, representative of the lightest and lightest weight categories. He has been playing for the Ukrainian national boxing team since 2012, European champion, two-time champion of the national championship, winner and medalist of international to…

Sao Joao do Tigri

Sao Joao do Tigri (port. São João do Tigre is a municipality in the state of Paraíba, Brazil. Part of the Borborema mesoregion. It is part of the Kariri-Osidental economic and statistical microregion. The population is 4,729 at the 2006 census. It covers an area of 816.111 km2. The population density is 5.8 people/km2…

Statue of friendship between Leningrad and Turku

The Statue of Friendship between Leningrad and Turku (Fin. Leningradin ja Turun ystävyyden patsas) is a monument located in the Puolalanpuisto Park in Turku (Finland). It was built in 1967-1968 and opened on May 19, 1969. The statue was erected in honor of the 15th anniversary of the conclusion of the agreement on coo…

The estate of the Latyshevs-Bakhrushins-Bardygins

The Latyshev — Bakhrushin — Bardygin Estate (The House of Conversing Snakes, since 1952 — the Embassy of India) - an extensive city estate in Moscow on Vorontsovo Pole Street In different periods from the end of the XIX to the beginning of the XX century belonged to influential dynasties: Latyshev, Bakhrushin, Bardygi…

Markovo (Dukhovshchinsky district)

Markovo is a village in Dukhovshchinsky District of the Smolensk Region of Russia. It is a part of the Bulgakovsky rural settlement. Population — 3 inhabitants (2007). It is located in the northern part of the region, 11 km northwest of Dukhovshchina, 5 km west of the R136 Smolensk-Nelidovo highway, on the bank of the…

Hills (Zelenogradsky district)

Kholmy is a settlement in the Zelenogradsky District of the Kaliningrad Region. It is a part of Kovrovskoye rural settlement.

DS Test

DS-test (the original name of the Questionnaire System) is a module of a non-commercial automated research support system developed by the student research group of Magnitogorsk State University. The module includes a set of tools for collecting and primary processing of heterogeneous statistical information by interv…

Dushka, Alexey Vladimirovich

Oleksiy Vladimirovich Dushka — Ukrainian TV presenter, journalist, host of the program "Territory of Deception" on channel 1+1. Born on August 31, 1984. Hometown-Dneprodzerzhinsk. His parents-mother Dushka Natalia Grigoryevna, a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature (November 19, 1960) and father-Dushka Vladimi…

Mutis (mountain)

Mutis (Indon. Gunung Mutis, Nuaf Mutis, Nuaf Nefomasi) is a mountain, the highest point of the western part of the island of Timor with a height of 2417 meters . Mount Mutis is located in Indonesia and is the highest peak in West Timor. It is located in the district of North Central Timor (Timor Tengah Utara) of the E…

Motovilov, Andrey Andreevich

Andrey Andreevich Motovilov (1793 -?)-merchant of the 3rd guild, mayor of Chelyabinsk from 1836 to 1838. The representative of the family of merchants Motovilov, who dominated the urban economy of Chelyabinsk in the first half of the XIX century, became known as the first Chelyabinsk mayor, who was removed from his po…

Vinyash (values)

Vinhas (port. Vinhas) is a Portuguese place name and surname.

Fifty francs "Henry IV"

The Fifty franc Henri IV is a French banknote, the sketch of which was developed on March 5, 1959 replaced the Five thousand franc Henri IV banknote and was issued by the Bank of France from January 4, 1960 until it was replaced by the fifty franc Racine banknote.

Hubert's Chapel (Dusseldorf-Angermund)

Hubert Chapel (German Hubertuskapelle) - a Catholic chapel built in the Baroque style in the administrative district of Dusseldorf-Angermund and consecrated in honor of St. Hubert-the patron saint of hunters The chapel belongs to the church of St. Remigius in the administrative district of Dusseldorf-Wittlayer (eccles…

Novoe Selo (Zholkovsky district)

New Village (Ukr. Nowe Selo) is a village in the Zholkovsky district of the Lviv region of Ukraine. The population at the 2001 census was 550. It covers an area of 12.95 km2. The postal code is 80363. The phone code is 3252.

Cholak-Antich, Lazar Konstantinovich

Lazar Konstantinovich Ciolak-Antic (Serbian. Lazar Konstantinov Ciolak — Antica; 1839 (1839), Krusevac — 20 September 1877, Krusevac) was a Serbian military commander, the son of Konstantin Ciolak-Antica and his wife Jovanka Ciolak-Antica, the brother of Ilya Ciolak-Antica, who was a commander of the Serbian army in t…

Kovalevka (Smolensky district)

Kovalevka is a village in Smolensky District of the Smolensk Region of Russia. It is part of the Prigorsky rural settlement. The population is 196 inhabitants (2010). It is located in the western part of the region, 3 km south-east of Smolensk, 0.5 km south of the A141 Orel — Vitebsk highway. Tychinino railway station…

North Beach (Florida)

North Beach is a statistical area located in Indian River County, Florida, United States, with a population of 243 as of the 2000 Census.

Skvortsovo (Khabarovsk Territory)

Skvortsovo is a village in the Khabarovsk District of the Khabarovsk Territory. It is part of the Mirnenskoye rural settlement.

Tarabin (Bedouin)

The Tarabin (Hebrew :רראבין), also Al-Tirabin (Arabic: الترابين), is one of the most important Bedouin tribes in Sinai, and the largest tribe in the Negev. Today they also live in Cairo, Ismailia, Giza, Al-Sharqiyah and Suez, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gaza Strip . In 2004, the village of Tirabin al-Sana was founded…

Prokopyev, Evgeny Petrovich

Prokopyev, Yevgeny Petrovich (June 20, 1890, Saint Petersburg — September 5, 1965, Moscow) was a Soviet scientist in the field of mining, Doctor of Technical Sciences (1928), professor (1927). Author of the methodology for determining ore losses in the course of field development.

Zilber, Grigory Samuilovich

Grigory Samuilovich Zilber (Grigory-Hirsch Zilber, Latvian. Grigorijs Zilbers; b. May 26, 1955, Jekabpils, Latvian SSR, USSR) - Latvian pop composer. He was born in a Jewish working-class family. He graduated from the Technical school of culture with a specialization in conducting and playing the trombone, worked in t…

163rd meridian

The 163rd meridian is an imaginary line on the Earth's surface:

Shchuchkino (West Kazakhstan region)

Shchuchkino is a former village in the Zelenovsky district of the West Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan. It was part of the Krasnovsky rural district. Abolished in 2011 .

Berryman, John (Military)

John Berryman (1825-1896) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, major, and participant in the Crimean War.

Haduteyyaha (a tributary of the Chaselka)

Khaduteyakha is a river in Russia that flows through the territory of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The mouth of the river is located 247 km along the left bank of the Chaselka River. The river is 29 km long .

Buenaventura Lakes (Florida)

Buenaventura Lakes is a statistically separate locality located in Osceola County, Florida, United States, with a population of 21,778 as of the 2000 Census.

Track and field at the 1912 Summer Olympics

Track and field events at the 1912 Summer Olympics were held only for men In running distances of 5,000 and 10,000 meters were introduced, and the distance of 5 miles was removed The 1912 Olympic Games were the only ones where there were no competitions in the 400 m hurdles Instead of the mixed relay, the 4×100 and 4×…

Nepal Census (2011)

The 2011 Nepal Census was conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics of Nepal Working with 58 municipalities and 3915 village committees, the Bureau recorded data from all the municipalities and villages of each district Data includes statistics on population, households, gender and age distribution, place of birt…

Averin, Nikita Vladimirovich

Nikita Vladimirovich Averin (born November 7, 1984, Kirovo-Chepetsk, USSR) is a modern Russian writer, screenwriter and blogger , the author of the post-apocalyptic trilogy "Metro 2033: Crimea", as well as the novel "Nevsky Watch" and the cycle "Chronos" , written in collaboration with the writer Igor Vardunas.

Zaozerov, Sergey Evgenievich

Sergey Evgenyevich Zaozerov (August 8, 1995, Biysk, Altai Krai) is a Russian biathlete, champion of Russia. Master of Sports of Russia.

Kalvarsky, Yefim Davydovich

Efim Davydovich (Efraim Davidovich) Kalvarsky (1882, Gatchina — August 8, 1938, Khabarovsk) was a Russian journalist, publicist and trade unionist. Pharmacist-bacteriologist.

Almofala (Kashtru-Dairi)

Almofala (port. Almofala is a district (Freguesia) in Portugal, part of the Viseu district. It is a part of the municipality of Kashtru-Dairi. It is located in the large urban agglomeration of Bolshoe Viseu. According to the old administrative division, it was part of the province of Beira Alta. It is part of the econ…

Peshwa Bajirao (TV series)

Peshwa Baji-rao is an Indian historical drama television series that premiered on 23 January 2017 and is broadcast on Sony TV. The series is based on the life of Maratha Peshwa Bajirao during the reign of Chhatrapati Shahuja. The series airs on weekdays.

Naydenov, Nikolai Alexandrovich (1834)

Nikolai Alexandrovich Naydenov (December 7 (19), 1834, Moscow, Russian Empire — November 28 (December 11), 1905, there) was a Moscow businessman, banker, local historian, memoirist, philanthropist, publisher of the albums " Moscow. Cathedrals, Monasteries and Churches" (1882). Father of the banker A. N. Naidenov, uncl…

Sakhnevich, Eduard Viktorovich

Eduard Viktorovich Sakhnevich (born September 2, 1980 in Vladivostok) is a Russian football player, forward and midfielder.

Tufatullin, Amir Mikhailovich

Amir Mikhailovich Tufatullin (4 April 1932, Magnitogorsk — 10 March 2010, Kazan) was a Soviet football player, striker, and football referee.

Esteban Anguita, Julio

Julio Esteban Anguita (March 18, 1906 (1906-03-18), Shanghai — December 6, 1987, Palma de Mallorca) was a Filipino pianist and music educator. He grew up and received a musical education in Barcelona From 1925 he worked in the Philippines, taught at the College of St. John Lateran in Manila, in 1933 he received a bach…

Ascola (culture)

The Askola Culture is an archaeological culture of the Mesolithic period in Finland. The name of the culture comes from the parish of Ascola in the province of Uusimaa. The found objects are made of quartz-these are scrapers, awls, etc. The products have a rough shape with fine retouching. The dating of the culture is…

Tarail (values)

Tarail is a place name in Bangladesh:

Gisiko-Shperk, Ida

Ida Gisiko-Sperk (Swedish. Ida Gisiko-Spärck, full name Ida Emma Charlotte Gisiko-Spärck; 1859-1940) was a Swedish artist associated with the art colony of Önningebykolonin in the Aland Islands; she worked mainly in oils.

Koenders, Julius Gustav Arnaut

In particular, in his monthly Foetoe-boi ('Errand Boy'), published from May 1946 to April 1956, 'Papa' Koenders published such works as: "To remember our ancestors, July 1, 1863-1943,Surinamese in a new dress" (Foe memre wi afo, 1 juli 1863-1943, Het Surinaamsch in een nieuw kleed, 1943), "60 beautiful and famous song…

Ipatovich-Goransky, Alexander Ivanovich

Alexander Ivanovich Ipatovich-Goransky (December 30, 1863 (January 11, 1864), Mogilev province-after 1920) - military engineer, lieutenant general, chief of engineers of the Orenburg Military District, Honored ordinary Professor of the Nikolaev Engineering Academy, awarded the Order of St. Vladimir, 2nd degree (1916).

Picket (highway)

Piquet (from the French piquet — count) — a point marking the distance on roads, usually in increments of 100 m. On the ground, it is indicated by a column (picket sign) with a digital designation on the side of the road. In the documentation, it is usually abbreviated as PC. In accordance with GOST 32869-2014, a pick…

Rafiev, Najafgulu Rajabali oglu

Najafgulu Rajabali oglu Rafiyev (March 22, 1915-December 24, 1970) was a tank platoon commander during the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union.

Zachumkin, Sergey Nikolaevich

Sergey N. Zachumkin (1911, Vologda — 1977, Nalchik) - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR (1973) and KBASSR (1966), Knight of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor .

Plokhotsky, Mikhail Antonovich

Mikhail Antonovich Plokhotsky (September 9, 1905, Moscow — September 21, 1984, there) — mechanical engineer, specialist in the field of mechanization of construction and track work, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Honored Inventor of the RSFSR.

Jalalar, Muhammad Khan

Mohammad Khan Jalalar (born 1935 in Andhoy) is an Afghan statesman.

Shukh, Mikhail Arkadyevich

Mykhailo Arkadyevich Shukh (Ukrainian: Mykhailo Arkadiyovich Shukh; December 14, 1952, Krasny Luch — April 8, 2018, Kiev) was a Ukrainian composer and music teacher.

Kruglikov, Mikhail Yakovlevich

Mikhail Yakovlevich Kruglikov (born 1931 in Klintsy) is a Soviet folk dance dancer and choreographer.